Bèta students and Business Consulting

Check the Mount Consulting Case Study – ‘A logical data model to optimize the risk return of your investments’ – to discover the fit between bèta studies and strategic business consulting. Mount Consulting is a boutique consulting firm working exclusively on strategic and transformation projects for clients within the financial services industry. We are looking for bèta students to enrich our multidisciplinary teams in strategic and transformation projects for our clients. Various bèta expertises – from Applied Mathematics to Econometrics, from Physics to Aerospace Engineering– are the perfect baseline to shine at Mount assignments on target operating model design, risk & capital modelling and quantification, ALM (‘asset & liability management’) strategies, data architecture, data modelling and data virtualization or product & instrument valuation.

Background case study: Investment (risk) management for the insurance business

Core business of an insurance company is, besides selling insurance policies, investing the premiums to generate excess returns over its insurance liabilities. The company’s investment strategy and investment risk management are crucial to outperform competitors. To set the right strategy, and to monitor the related risk, it is of upmost importance to have accurate numbers available in a timely manner. Core of risk management is assessing risks versus returns on different assets and find the “optimal” asset allocation. Additionally, an insurance company needs to make sure that the cash inflows (premiums, dividends, interest payments) match the cash outflows (paid claims) so to not running out of cash.

Problem statement: Ineffective information jeopardizing the right investment decisions

From different departments, senior management receives information about the investments, the performance of the investments and the risks related. In this case, all departments are providing a different story. This makes it incredibly hard to make adequate strategic decisions. Main cause for the divergent information is that the different departments have created their own data analytical platforms with their own interpretations of the data. Processes to resolve the gaps and inconsistencies in information are manual and error-prone and demotivating for employees who are using their talents on resolving errors and explaining differences, rather than coming up with in depth analysis and advice for investments strategists. 

Mount Consulting has been asked for advisory, designing a sustainable solution to improve the information supply enabling senior management to make the right investment decisions. 

Our vision and approach: The design and embedding of a common platform for finance and risk data

In our vision, the different teams providing the (parts of the) information for investment management, must get together, start speaking a common language and sharing common objectives. They should start from the same baseline before supplying their information for investment decisioning. More technically, both finance and risk functions do need a ‘golden source’ of data for their respective performance analytics and risk and capital calculations, accommodated by a shared platform of functions, models, processes and tooling. 

A key component of this platform is a so-called common data model for financial and risk data. The common data model best describes itself as a model, and subsequently a physical data warehouse, where all finance and risk data would come together, in a uniform defined way. It is real art to design a logical model that is as flexible as possible to support model maintenance and changes of the model as effective and efficient as possible; a model that collects the same data from different systems only once, minimize redundant storage of data and ensures multiple use of these data where needed. And still serves all the required business functionalities: from investment accounting to performance analytics, from risk modelling and reporting to capital calculations.

The Mount Advisory team: Which capabilities are expected from the Mount consultants

For this assignment our advisory team needed consultants with excellent analytical skills. The design of a data model requires creativity and the power to think conceptually, designing data structures to serve requirements of various providers and consumers optimally, and convert these complex issues into transparent solutions. Math, Physics, or Econometrics students – and many other bèta students – do own these capabilities.

We are also expected to engage the various functions working towards the platform and finally adopt the platform in their day-to-day business. So, our consultants should also be able to explain the essence of such a platform, assess the needs of the various functions using the platform, convince these functions of the operating effectiveness of the platform and finally mobilizing them to stick to the rules of the game maintaining the effectiveness of the platform.

These capabilities as well as other information are included in the attached job vacancy for a ‘bèta’ graduate consultant. Please take a look and don’t hesitate to contact us when you have been triggered and book a 15 minute informative call via: thijs.peeters@mount.consulting 

What makes Mount unique for you starting your career at us

You are Mount 

Mount consultants actively contribute to the growth of the firm. Having an entrepreneurial attitude, sharing creative ideas and giving feedback, is therefore crucial in our growth. Together we plot the course of the company. 

We are people centric: we will never grow beyond what we can manage. Our attention to you and the quality of our work is our prime directive. We provide you an environment that enables you to take more control of your personal growth and gather room for own initiatives.

We are no-nonsense

We are honest, transparent, and straightforward. Mount Consulting is first and foremost an

entrepreneurial firm that is not focused on conventional standards: no politics, no hidden agendas, no hierarchic driven management teams or consultation structures. We provide an alternative to the common idea of consultancy work by providing an environment where you can be a part of important discussions and express your mind freely from day one. The absence of the hierarchical structure provides the space for seniors and juniors to work together leading to steep learning curve with plenty of support on your way to becoming the next generation of management consultants in the financial industry. 

We accelerate your expertise

Our most experienced seniors spend the main part of their time also at our projects. So, you will be able to absorb their expertise at a daily base.

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