Apply for the Eden McCallum Crack-a-Case Event!

Crack-a-Case Event If you are trying to find out if a career in Strategy Consulting could be for you, we invite you to join us for our (virtual) Crack-a-case event. The Crack-a-case event allows you to practice your analytical skills and problem-solving ability and to learn more about working as a strategy consultant at Eden McCallum. What should I expect at the Crack-a-case event?  Introduction to Eden […]

Apply for the Flow Traders Business course!

Are you ready for the ultimate online trading experience? Learn the tricks of Trading in the online Business Course of Flow Traders on the 6th & 7th of May, 2021!   What’s in it for you?   Insight into the world of trading at Flow Traders;   Hands-on challenges where you can show your competitive […]