Board year

Leading your own company next to your studies?

During a part-time board year at deBetaStudent, you and other motivated students will be responsible for developing the platform that connects STEM students with business. You will run deBetaStudent as your own business and there are several challenging responsibilities that come with that. You will have a lot of freedom and creativity to share and implement your own ideas. We have our own office surrounded by several other startups at the VU Starthub in Amsterdam. The Starthub hosts monthly drinks and workshops, and we have monthly activities with the team. It is not required to live in Amsterdam however, as we also have board members from other cities. Last but not least, you will receive a share of the companies monthly profit!

The team

Our current board exists of 6 motivated students who have prior experience with committees or a board year. This results in a team that complements each other and really wants to bring deBetaStudent to a higher level. You can combine our part-time board year perfectly with studying since it costs approximately 8-12 hours per week. Fluency in Dutch is required.

What does your role look like?

The main tasks you will work on during your part-time board year are the following:

  • • Acquisition of e.g. consultancies and technical companies
  • Managing current partnerships
  • Running marketing by creating Instagram/LinkedIn posts and mailings to deBetaStudent pool
  • Developing new projects, examples are our new website, recruiting new board members, arranging the legal/finance parts of the company
  • Optimizing all current business processes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible

What do you receive in return?


The freedom to implement your own ideas and bring this startup to a higher level.


A large network of business contacts and colleagues.


Your own office at the VU and access to a large network of startups.


Borrels and monthly activities with the current team and previous board members.


Development of various skills related to acquisition, marketing, and analytics.


Part of the monthly profit is shared amongst the board members.

Why choose deBetaStudent?

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