Company purpose

Councyl, founded in 2020, helps public services in the execution of the law to ensure fairness, speed,
transparency and agility.
Many organisations depend on repetitive human choices for implementing their policy, for example to
assess applications for visas or special welfare. In the case of the government this involves enormous
volumes of choices and the quality and efficiency needs to be guaranteed. Especially now that the shift
to a human measure (‘Menselijke maat’) demands more from the decision maker and increases the risk
of arbitrariness.
With the help of our software, we enable organisations to model the trade-off their decision-makers
make across the entire volume of choices. Thereby:

  • We improve communication between managers and their decision-making teams
  • We route choices to the right team or select decisions for quality control
  • We support decision-makers based on the knowledge of their colleagues

The technology

Councyl is a spin-off of the TU Delft; Together with professor Caspar Chorus, we have developed a new
AI technology, called BAIT (Behavioral AI Technology), which makes the implicit (unconscious) trade-offs
of decision-makers explicit in an accurate decision model. The software generates fictitious choice
scenarios of the highest quality and then learns from the choice behaviour of human experts.
What makes our approach unique is that:

  1. No historical data is required
  2. A model can be created within a day
  3. The result is fully transparent and explainable
    Because of these unique properties, BAIT perfectly matches the needs of the government


We believe repetitive human decision making plays a crucial role in the execution of policy, and will
continue to do so. Because of the volume and impact of decisions at public services it is critical to utilise
the powerful capacities of AI to meet increased quality and efficiency requirements

Why now?

With the rise of Machine Learning, AI has developed into a foundational technology with valuable
applications in all industries. Moreover, ChatGPT has raised awareness in the general public that AI is
not anymore technology of the future, but it is available today.

Three reasons why now is the right moment for our technology to scale:

  1. Public services are under scrutiny concerning the use of algorithms and upcoming EU AI
    regulations will enforce high standards on data-quality and transparency that cannot be satisfied
    with existing Machine Learning algorithms.
  2. The government is heavily investing in digitisation of it’s services (EU: ±€50.0bn/year) as well
    improving the quality of its services (NL: €2.3bn (2021-2025) – ‘Werken aan de uitvoering’)
  3. Due to the ageing population there is an increase of demand on government services and a
    decrease in the availability of workforce, forcing the government to operate more efficiently.


Councyl proudly features an international, talented, diverse, and ambitious team of 8. Consisting of a
decision analyst, software developer, and a product owner, recent additions include a senior developer
and two senior consultants with expertise in the public sector, further enriching our pool of talent. The
company’s unique blend of skills and expertise contributes to a collaborative environment that nurtures
The company was founded by:

  • Caspar Chorus: With over two decades of experience, Caspar Chorus is a visionary in the field
    of our technology. He is the driving force behind the development of the ‘human’ artificial
    intelligence BAIT method.
  • Nicolaas Heyning: An entrepreneur and AI enthusiast, Nicolaas Heyning graduated in Artificial
    Intelligence in 2007. His leadership and technical expertise, gained through ventures like and BrainCreators, bring a dynamic perspective to the proposition of Councyl.

Contact information:

Address: Van der Burghweg 1 2628 CS, Delft

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