Make it count.
Kearney is one of four global Strategy Consultants and has a leading position
in the area where strategy and operations intersect.
Since 1926, we have been helping our clients with sweeping transformations from the inside out. From
analysis to strategy and implementation.
Kearney has 56 offices in 39 countries and a total of more than 3,600 employees. The Dutch
office was opened in Amsterdam in 1980. It currently employs 75 consultants.
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Be Brave. Drive Change.
At Kearney, you’ll be part of an international team of highly skilled colleagues. All of them
people who know what they stand for and are always curious about how they can
Develop. From your very first day, you’ll be encouraged to make an impact. If you can
dream it, you can make it happen with us!

Keep developing
You can participate directly in the international training program that has been specially
developed for us by the London School of Economics. There are also special training courses throughout the year
to further develop your consulting skills. During the projects you will receive guidance from the
manager, a coach and a mentor. An MBA or secondment is also one of the possibilities
to continue your development.
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