Picnic delivers all your groceries at home. In the Picnic app you will find exactly the same groceries as in the supermarket, but at the lowest price.

In September 2015 Picnic started in Amersfoort with four vans. Since then, more than 1,000 cars are driving around in about 120 Dutch cities. With hundreds of thousands of customers and a monthly expansion to new cities, Picnic was named the fastest growing company in the Netherlands in 2019.

The idea behind Picnic

Shopping is part of life, but there are nicer things to do. Yet we are often in the supermarket and we do more and more ourselves. We fill the cart, select the most beautiful vegetables with the best date. We scan, weigh fruit, carry bags and wait in line at the checkout.

Picnic thinks things can be done differently: faster, easier and cheaper. The idea is simple. We take care of the groceries, so you have more time for fun things. At Picnic you can order all your groceries within a few minutes. So toilet paper, soft drinks, chips and ice cream, but also organic eggs, tender steak and fresh vegetables.

And all for the lowest price and free home delivery. How is that possible? Everything goes directly to you, so without expensive shops in expensive locations. You simply order on your phone and we deliver all your groceries for the lowest price, free to your home. Every day we are in your street at fixed times, just like the milkman used to be.

We also do not deliver criss-cross through the city, but we drive through the streets every day according to a smart route. For example, we take the groceries for the entire neighborhood with us in one go, we keep the delivery free and we save a lot of trips to the supermarket.

Always fresh, no waste

We don’t leave bread, vegetables and fruit in the supermarket for a few days. Everything goes straight from the farmer or baker to your plate. That is why you always receive a freshness guarantee on our fresh products. An additional advantage is that we do not waste any food. When the Picnic checkout closes at 10 p.m., baker Klaas Fuite knows exactly how many loaves of bread he still has to bake for the next day. That way we never have to throw anything away. In this way we all contribute to the environment and we keep prices low.

Sustainable food delivery

At Picnic we think the environment is very important. That is why we deliver your groceries in 100% electric vehicles. They are environmentally friendly and do not make noise. That’s so nice. Our cars are also smaller than normal cars, so they don’t get in the way.

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