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We are one of the largest companies in the Netherlands with a turnover of more than € 7.3 billion and more than 16,000 employees worldwide, of which 6,000 in the Netherlands. Pon operates from hundreds of locations in 65 countries. We are at the heart of society and respond to trends such as urbanisation, electrification, sustainability and digitalisation. We also support numerous social initiatives and are active in the field of social sponsorship.

More than 16.000 employees in 65 countries

Pon is active worldwide in the field of mobility products, services and solutions and also offers hundreds of industrial solutions. Started in 1895 as a small-scale family business, grew as a trading house, gained fame as a car dealer and is now a leader in numerous markets. We have been moving people and goods for more than 125 years.

Today, Pon is a global company active in many markets: we are the number one car importer in the Netherlands with a strong position in the US, one of the top five bicycle manufacturers in the world and an established name in the world of maritime solutions, earthmoving, energy supply, flow control (valves and cut-off valves) and industrial services.

In the Netherlands, we are one of the most important players in the field of mobility. Every day, four million Dutch people get on a Pon bicycle and two million drive a car imported by us. In addition, 140,000 people travel daily with one of our mobility cards, more than 215,000 people have a subscription to a Swapfiets and 100,000 Dutch travelers use our smart mobility solutions every day.

We move millions of people every day. As a mobility expert and market leader, Pon is therefore a logical discussion partner for customers and partners to work on the development of sustainable and CO2-neutral solutions for the transport of people and goods. From e-bikes to electric excavators and from connected car solutions to mobility cards and green shipping.

As a family business with a long-term vision, we continuously invest in new, sustainable mobility solutions and technical innovations. Pon uses an approach that goes back to its roots: no-nonsense, well thought-out, yet pragmatic with the aim of putting ideas into practice as quickly as possible.

We bring you to a better world.

Our environmental and social impact

In the center of society.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the pillars of our strategy ‘We move you to a better world’. This means that Pon strives to reduce CO2 emissions as actively as possible. Sustainability also means that we bring numerous sustainable solutions to the market: from electric and hybrid cars and commercial vehicles to e-bikes and electric excavators, and from numerous energy solutions to electric or hybrid propulsion of ships. We impact the lives of tens of thousands of people and hundreds of businesses. Moreover, people are always central to us. After all, we are a family business.

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