IT at Achmea

Science students can go in different directions after completing their studies.

Looking back at the board year of Folkert & Ruben

It has been almost a year since Folkert and Ruben started as board members at deBetaStudent. Read more about how they experienced their board year and what is involved in a board year at deBetaStudent. How did you end up at deBetaStudent? Folkert: I had known deBetaStudent and its founders for a long time. At […]

Bèta-Studenten and Business Consulting

Check de Mount Consulting Case Study – ‘Een logisch datamodel om het risico-rendement van je investeringen te optimaliseren’ – om de relatie tussen bètastudies en strategisch bedrijfsadvies te ontdekken. Mount Consulting is een adviesbureau dat uitsluitend werkt aan strategische en transformatie projecten voor klanten binnen de financiële dienstverlening. Hiervoor zijn we op zoek naar bètastudenten […]

Traineeships, Everything you need to know

How time flies! Starting university feels like yesterday; now you’re about to graduate. That means making some important decisions about your future. What do you want to do? How do you like to work? Are you interested in traineeships or a starter position? Answering these questions will determine your future career. Little wonder so many […]