The first months as a board member at deBetaStudent

Timme, Lia, Nick and Jasmijn recently started as part-time board members at deBetaStudent. Read more about their experiences during the first months and why they recommend a board year at deBetaStudent! How did you end up at deBetaStudent? Lia: I didn’t know deBetaStudent before I was approached on LinkedIn. I had just finished a board […]

Impacting op big AI & Cloud Transformations at Deloitte!

Maybe you didn’t realize but Deloitte has a lot to offer for more technical oriented bèta students (STEM students). Deloitte is a lot more than accounting, audit and number crunching. It’s also about the latest cloud tech stack and big tech transformation projects. Working on the latest and brightest technologies and seeing the impact it […]