Why you want to apply for a working student position today

Do you want to gain work experience as a student? Then we strongly recommend becoming a working student. Studying and working at the same time is very useful if, for example, you want to strengthen your resume before you finally apply for your full-time job. Advantages of a working student are, for example: relevant work […]

The benefits of a board year

The transition from student life to working life can sometimes feel like a big one. Many students lack practical experience and would like to gain this first during their studies. A board year is the perfect solution for this and offers students the opportunity to apply different qualities in practice and to experience what it […]

Optiver – From Trading Analyst to Trader

We had a chat with Bob Muijs, he started as a Trading Analyst at Optiver and is now a full-time Trader at the firm. His interest in financial markets, combined with the excitement and energy he experienced on the trading floor got him hooked on trading. He holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and […]