Beta Career Event 2023


The Beta Career Event will be hosted on the 20th of April 2023 at Hotel Casa in Amsterdam. During the event there will be three main activities: the information market, workshops and one-on-one conversations. During the event, participants will be able to talk to representatives of each company.

What is this event?

The Beta Career Event is the annual recurring career fair in Amsterdam for ambitious STEM students (dutch: bèta). The event is organised by the SBBA board consisting of students from multiple STEM disciplines. With a great variety of industries, the BCE is an excellent opportunity to connect with companies and discover career possibilities.

For whom is this event?

The BCE is a career fair especially aimed at STEM students and young professionals working in STEM. This includes bachelor students, master students, PhD-students and alumni with a background in computer science, mathematics, (bio)medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, physics and more. Students and young professionals from other disciplines with a keen interest with respect to the beta profile are also welcome and therefore invited to join and experience the BCE!

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