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are you currently in the final phase of your studies and are you looking for a graduation internship? deBetastudent offers multiple types of graduation internship vacancies through our partners. You can think of a graduation internship WO for your bachelor or for your master.

So are you looking for an IT graduation internship or another kind of internship within your field? Then we might have the right internship vacancy for you!

An overview of our internships can be found in our vacancies!

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Finding the right internship

What does a graduation internship look like? 

A graduation internship is an internship with which you complete your studies. During a period of time, you will join a company as an intern. Within the company you will show what you have learned in recent years. With a fresh and creative perspective you get the opportunity to walk along within a company for a while. You get the opportunity to orientate yourself within a sector and often you get the option to storm through within the company as a working student or as a starter!

! In addition, during the period that you are doing a graduation internship, you will carry out research in the form of a thesis. It may be that you have to devise and carry out this issue independently. but often you also get preparation from the company and you have access to unique data that can significantly improve your research. The outcome of your research is of great importance to the company. For example, you add extra knowledge to the company or you write an advice for the company. That is why the research part is something you should take seriously as it allows you to show the company what you have learned in recent years!

What is the difference between a normal internship and a graduation internship?

With a normal internship, you will work as an intern to get inside. do a company experience. A graduation internship does not differ substantially from that apart from a very important point: with a graduation internship you kill two birds with one stone: you gain experience within an organization and you obtain credits for your studies. In short, it is the ideal way to complete your studies!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a graduation internship?
As mentioned, in the period of a graduation internship you will have the opportunity to develop yourself and at a professional level within the business world and at the same time you will complete your studies! By writing your internship at a company, you can assess your image of the sector in which the company is located and see if this company suits your preferences. In addition, there is a lot to learn from people within the company and you make unique connections that can help you further in business. 

. A disadvantage of a graduation internship is that it often takes a lot of time. . In addition to the fact that you will work 4-5 days a week, you must also complete a research project or thesis. This often makes it impossible to keep your normal part-time job, which can result in part of your income being lost. Often you will receive an internship allowance to cover your costs.

In addition, finding the right graduation internship can be very difficult. And that’s exactly what we want to help you with! deBetastudent offers several graduation internships at different companies throughout the year. 

How can deBetaStudent help?

The problem is often that a graduation internship is very popular and that it is difficult to find a graduation internship at a company that you like. Within large companies you will notice that you have to deal with a lot of competition and that many students apply for the same graduation internship. In addition, it is difficult to find a graduation internship at a smaller company. There is often little information to be found about the graduation internship and you do not know what to expect It is also difficult to find such companies that offer a graduation internship at all.

deBetaStudent tries to help you with this. Through our partners, we offer graduation internships within large and small organizations. . So whether you are looking for a university graduation internship (for example a graduation internship IT) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or in another city: deBetaStudent tries to help you with this!

How does deBetastudent help you find the right part-time working student? 

deBetaStudent can help you find a graduation internship   because we are in direct contact with the recruiters of the companies!   This allows us to put you in direct contact with the right person within the company. As a result, we help you find the right graduation internship without having to apply for a dozen different graduation internships. 

In addition, we try to offer a wide variety of graduation internships through our partners. We offer various graduation internships vacancies from companies that you may not know at first. 

Is your ideal graduation internship not yet on our website? Sign up for our student pool and stay informed about all our working studentships. 

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