IT at Achmea


Science students can go in different directions after completing their studies. Achmea is such a place where science students can go! Achmea has a great offer for incoming talents, such as a traineeship and a leadership trajectory to introduce upcoming talent to Achmea. This is a great way to discover multiple directions, which can help you in your orientation, and you as a trainee can consider what suits you best. Achmea is mainly known as an insurance company, yet this is a company where scientists can excel. After all, Achmea is also a financial service provider and asset manager. IT is also very present here. Achmea has its own innovation department.

The traineeship consists of four assignments, each lasting six months. Ideal if you’re not sure which way you want to go! This mix can help you in your orientation, and can help you discover what suits you best. The assignments vary between IT and the business. Where one assignment is more technical, another assignment may be more focused on the business side. Which means that you make a deep dive into IT and get a very broad insight. In addition to development, which is central to Achmea, they also value a proper balance between private and work. This is reflected in the traineeship, where the full-time working week does not consist of 40 hours, but of 34 hours. This means that you have an extra day for self-study, family, friends or one of your fun hobbies.

Achmea is very flexible in terms of workplaces. You can work at the different offices, from home or even at colleagues’ homes! What makes the process even more special is that Achmea, which is known as one of the largest Dutch insurers, is also active internationally. So that you can also take a look at one of the offices abroad during the traineeship! Extra development, also in the subject of culture.

After the two-year traineeship, trainees know exactly where they want to end up within Achmea. While studies focus enormously on logical proofs and mathematics, the Achmea traineeship also develops soft skills such as presentation and good communication skills by working in groups. Working on assignments is done in teams of approximately seven people and is accompanied by supervision and a leadership trajectory.

Guidance is extensive. Every trainee has a supervisor with whom progress, general issues or questions can be discussed. In addition, as a trainee you can contact a mentor who is also a member of the board. The mentor is spoken to on a monthly basis, who supervises the overall process of the development of a trainee. It is up to you how much guidance you need: The more you ask, the more you are guided – If you ask less, you will also be released more.

The basis of the Traineeship is the leadership trajectory, also known as the Meeting of Minds trajectory. This is an external leadership program, in which you come face to face with your own emotions, feelings and the cause thereof on the basis of various topics. How do you deal with this? And how do you react to other people’s emotions? These are all kinds of questions that come in handy, which will also deal with how you apply emotions in your work environment later in the process. Other topics are: enthusing others or how to deal correctly with situations in which you are less enthusiastic about a task, but still have to complete it. You will again go through this trajectory in a group, on location with the coach in a forest, including an overnight stay. There are six meetings per year, with one session consisting of two consecutive days.

Did this letter convince you of the Traineeship at Achmea? Are you curious about how the processes work, and is it your ambition to optimize processes? Then take a look at the website, or apply directly for the vacancy! The next starting moment is September 1 2022! Is that a bit too fast? Then the next starting date is March 1 2023.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the contact person mentioned in the vacancy