deBetaStudent provides services in forms of exposure and secondment to companies. Our guiding principle is to bring our partners to the attention of students. We do this by promoting vacancies and events on our website and social media platforms. Additionally we send direct emails to students from our pool of 600+ students.

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Why choose deBetaStudent?

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Why choose for deBetaStudent?

Wide range

Our website has high rankings on google because we pay a lot of attention to SEO. As a result the vacancies will arrive quicker to the students. We also have 2500+ followers on instagram and 5000 connections on LinkedIn.

Focus on specific target group

All students in our pool have a STEM background. Most of our pool consists of econometrics and engineering students who are in the final stages of their studies.

Targeted advice and active recruitment

We also provide advice on which job openings are effective within our pool based on a company's vacancies. In addition, we are in active contact with our students and try to direct them to the right vacancies!

Low recruitment costs

We combine the unique qualities of study associations, platforms and recruitment offices in a unique mix to get the best results for a low price!


We are actively measuring the results of our performance. We can show the statistics from our website, social media channels and mailings after our collaboration is over. This ensures transparency and trust.

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