deBetaStudent helps its partners through exposure and secondment services. Through the Exposure service, we offer companies the opportunity to increase their visibility and deliver their message to the right target group.. We do this by using various channels, including our website, social media channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn, our direct mailings and our matching activities.

Why choose deBetaStudent?

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1. Our website

Our platform plays a central role within our community. It provides students with access to information about our partners and their activities, and enables them to search for interesting job opportunities. In addition, our platform offers companies the opportunity to promote their profile and vacancies, so that they can get in touch with suitable candidates. We strive to improve our platform technically and content-wise, so that we can offer our users the best possible experience.

Company profile

As a partner, we create a customized company . profile. This profile provides information about the company, work culture and available job opportunities.


Our vacancies page displays vacancies from our partners. This page is the most visited and forms the basis of our platform.


On our events page we promote every event of our partners free of charge, in addition to other relevant events for STEM-students.

2. Student pool

OurdeBetaStudent-pool of talented science students is also an important part of the BetaStudent community. This pool consists of students from different universities and colleges, who have registered with deBetaStudent to increase their career opportunities. The students who are part of our pool have registered with deBetaStudent and have shared their data and interests with us. We can send targeted mailings containing information that is relevant for your organization.

3. Social media

Through our social media channels, such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, deBetaStudent offers companies support in reaching the right target group and promoting their vacancies and company profile. At deBetaStudent, in addition to organic interaction, we use paid advertising to increase the reach of our partners and reach the right target group. We believe that advertising is an important part of increasing the visibility of vacancies and company profiles, which is why it is included in our price.


On our Instagram we promote vacancies and events of our partners through posts on our account. We also often post extra photos of vacancies or events via our stories.


We also promote both vacancies and events via LinkedIn, depending on your wishes. We have over 5,000 connections on LinkedIn and are constantly expanding our network.

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