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Are you a student ready for a challenge to thrive alongside your studies and looking for a student side job? Then you’ve come to the right place! deBetaStudent offers multiple types of vacancies for side jobs through our partners.

So are you looking for an IT side job or another type of academic side job within your field? Then we may have the right job opening for you!

An overview of our student side jobs can be found at our vacancies!


Why opt for a side job?

You are a student and want to earn something on the side? Then it is advisable to consider looking for a student job. With a side job, you not only earn something extra, you can also gain work experience immediately in an industry relevant to you. Super useful for later! By opting for a side job, you can assess your perception of the industry in which the company is located and see if this company suits you. In addition, there is a lot to learn from people within the company and you make unique connections that can help you further in business. The great advantage of a side job as opposed to an internship, for example, is that you can combine it with your studies since a work-study position takes you an average of 8 to 24 hours per week.

Benefits to student and company

Gaining work experience is very useful for you, but it is also very beneficial for companies. Companies offering side jobs get to deal with motivated students who are thinking about their future by already getting acquainted with their future field of work. If a work-study student fits well into the culture of a work environment and develops within the company, the work-study student is likely to be able to continue with the company after graduation. Should the latter not be the case, the working student did gain relevant work experience and learned a lot.

How much time will this cost me and what will I get in compensation?

According to Glassdoor, a working student in the Netherlands earns an average of €13 per hour. Also keep in mind that this is not a full-time job. In a side job, of course, you work far fewer hours than in a full-time job with a 40-hour work week. You can consider 8 to 24 hours per week for a side job.

So what can deBetaStudent  do for you?

The problem is often that a side job is in high demand and it is difficult to find a work-study position at a company you like. Within large companies, you will find that you face a lot of competition and many students apply for the same side job. In addition, it is difficult to find a side job at a smaller company. There is often little information about the side job and you don’t know what to expect. It is also difficult to find such companies offering side jobs at all.

deBetaStudent tries to help you with this. We offer side jobs within large and small organizations through our partners. So whether you are looking for a side job (for example an IT side job) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or any other city: deBetaStudent will try to help you with this!

How do we help find the right side job for you? 

deBetaStudent can help you find a side job because we are in direct contact with companies’ recruiters! This allows us to put you in direct contact with the right person within the company. As a result, we help you find the right side job without having to apply for a dozen different side jobs. 

We also try to offer a wide variety of work-study positions through our partners. We offer a variety of work-study jobs from companies you may not know about at first glance. 

Is your ideal side job not on our website yet? Sign up for our student pool and stay informed about all our working studentships. 

Is a side job something for you? Have a look at our site at vacancies!

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