Working student jobs


 A good wage is something that is important to all of us. The wages we provide are always market standard!


In these times relevant work experience is even more important than ever before. Our working student jobs are a great addition to you curriculum vitae! 


Are you only learning and researching theory for your degree? Our part-time student jobs are a great way to apply those theories in a real situation! 

Internships and starter vacancies


We keep you updated about unique opportunities in order for you to make the best choice in the kick-off your career. With our regular updates you will surely not mis out on some great opportunities! You might find that little extra inspiration or opportunity you might not have found with spending hours on our website or Linkedin. 

Pro-active matching

With our matching system, we can find specific vacancies and internships that satisfy your wishes and needs. We can reach out to you if we think there is an opportunity which fits your ambitions. No spam of course 😉 we will only let you know about stuff we think really matters for you. 


The possibilities with your background are more diverse and broader than you could possibly think! We know that students with a bèta background are able to solve a variety of problems. With our broad offer of vacancies and opportunities you will be able to not only see the obvious relevant vacancies, but also possibilities you didn’t think about before! 

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