The first months as a board member at deBetaStudent

Timme, Lia, Nick and Jasmijn recently started as part-time board members at deBetaStudent. Read more about their experiences during the first months and why they recommend a board year at deBetaStudent!

How did you end up at deBetaStudent?

Name: Lia Mendeszoon
Age: 20 years
Study: BSc Econometrics
Board member since: February 2022

Lia: I didn’t know deBetaStudent before I was approached on LinkedIn. I had just finished a board year at my study association and I really enjoyed it. deBetaStudent was therefore a great opportunity to continue to use all the experience I gained during my board year and still learn new things, next to my studies.

Nick: I started university early and always progressed quickly through my study program. As a result, I had not yet done much to develop myself alongside my studies. When I noticed that I had time left in my third year and one of the board members of deBetaStudent enthusiastically told me what it was like to work there and what you can learn there, this seemed like the perfect solution.

What do you like most about a board year at deBetaStudent?

Name: Nick van Leeuwen
Age: 20 years
Study: BSc Econometrics
Board member since: February 2022

Jasmijn: It’s great to run a fast-growing start-up with a group of students and to have the freedom to contribute and develop your own ideas. It is really useful to be in contact with companies and to sell our products. In addition, it is also a lot of fun. Former board members often remain involved and with the whole group, we have a monthly dinner or drink with an activity.

Timme: During a year at deBetaStudent you not only get the freedom to do your own thing and take on projects. Our founders and former directors are currently working as starters at different companies in different sectors. They can pass on the knowledge they are currently acquiring so that you can see the effect this has on the BetaStudent. As a result, you already learn to deal with processes that are probably also relevant when you start working yourself as a starter.

Name: Jasmijn van Wayenburg
Age: 22 years
Study: BSc Econometrics
Board member since: May 2022

Nick: What I like most is that you can gain a lot of experience in working life at a young age. You get to see many companies in sectors that match your choice of study, which gives you an idea of what kind of work and what kind of companies suit you. At the same time, you get a lot of responsibility for your own tasks and the freedom to use your creativity, because everyone thinks along how the start-up can grow the fastest.

Why would you recommend a board year at deBetaStudent?

Lia: It is a great opportunity to develop yourself and to be at the helm of a startup in the middle of your student days. You can orient and already make connections for your future. All that in a great team of like-minded students!

What does an average working day at deBetaStudent look like?

Jasmijn: We have a working day every week where we work together on location, from the summer this will be at our new office at the VU. Everyone has their own to-do list, for example working on acquisition, making social media posts and emails, calling people from the pool and many more things. It is super nice to be able to spar with each other during such a working day and to be able to take acquisition meetings together.

Name: Timme Ariens
Age: 23 years
Study: MSc Finance
Board member since: February 2022

Nick: Furthermore, we have a monthly meeting every month where not only the active board members meet, but also as many of the inactive board members as possible, who have already been board members, are there to give advice and think about new ideas and share their experience with us. Of course, we always end the monthly meetings with some drinks or an activity.

How do you see the future of deBetaStudent?

Lia: Judging by our growth, it’s not crazy to say that in a while we will have brand awareness in every city. We are now mainly in the data science/econometrics corner, but more and more other technical companies are joining and I think the range of those will continue to grow. I hope that more and more students can say that they have been able to find a cool internship or job through us!

DeBetaStudent is looking for new board members! Would you like to hear more about this and speak to one of our board members, fill in this Tally and we will contact you! Also check out the vacancy for more information!