This is how you answer the question ‘Why should we hire you?’ excellently.

During a job interview, there are several questions that are often asked. One of them is “Why should we hire you?” Answering this question convincingly and thoughtfully can make the difference between getting the job or not. In this blog, we will discuss why interviewers ask this question and provide you with some valuable tips to formulate a good answer. Additionally, we will discuss practical cases and example answers to help you prepare a strong response.

Why is the question ‘Why should we hire you?’ asked?

Interviewers ask the question “Why should we hire you?” for various reasons. Firstly, they want to know if you have the required skills and experience for the position, assessing how well your profile aligns with the company’s needs. Additionally, they seek a better understanding of your motivation and the added value you can bring.

Recruiters also use this question as a way to test how well you’ve prepared for the job interview and researched the company. By demonstrating familiarity with the company, its culture, and the challenges it faces, you indicate a serious interest in both the position and the organization.

Tips for a good answer

To formulate a good answer to the question “Why should we hire you?” here are some valuable tips:

  • Research the company: Before entering the job interview, conduct thorough research on the company. Study the mission, vision, and values, review recent news articles, and learn about the company’s performance. Based on this information, you can gain a better understanding of what the company needs and how your skills and experience align with that.
  • Identify your unique qualities: Reflect on your unique qualities and experiences relevant to the position. Identify your strengths and emphasize how they contribute to the company’s objectives and challenges. Be specific and provide examples to support your claims.
  • Make a connection: Establish a connection between your background and the company’s needs. Demonstrate how your skills and experience add value and how you can contribute to the company’s success. Be concrete and show that you understand the role and the impact you can have.

Cases with answers

To help you prepare a strong answer, here are some practical cases with example responses:

Case: You are applying for a position as a marketing manager at a creative agency. Example response: “I believe that my experience in leading successful marketing campaigns and my creative approach to brand positioning and customer engagement align well with the needs of your creative agency. I am excited about the opportunity to combine my strategic mindset and passion for storytelling to help your clients grow and stand out in the market.”

Case: You are applying for a position as a software developer at a technology company. Example response: “With my experience in software development and strong problem-solving skills, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to the technology company. I have closely followed your recent projects, and I am impressed by your focus on innovation and creating high-quality software solutions. I am eager to contribute to the success of your team through my technical expertise and my ability to collaborate effectively in a dynamic environment.”


Answering the question “Why should we hire you?” is a crucial part of a job interview. By conducting thorough research on the company, identifying your unique qualities, and making a connection between your background and the company’s needs, you can formulate a strong response. Use the practical cases and example answers as inspiration to effectively structure and present your answer in your next job interview. Remember to be confident and authentic, demonstrating why you are the ideal candidate. Best of luck with your job applications!

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