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Are you currently looking for a work-study position that matches your field of study?

deBetaStudent offers a variety of job opportunities through our partners. Whether you are looking for a side job within a small or large company. We have several vacancies online! Do you want to become an IT work-study student or are you looking for a work-study position within another sector?

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Find the right work-study program

Why a work-study program?

As a student, you don’t want a simple side job. You are looking for a side job as a working student because you want to apply the knowledge you gained from your studies within the business world. In addition, you are curious about what it is like to work at a company within your field of study! However, finding a work-study program that suits you can be very complicated!

What does a work-study program look like?

As a work-study student, you get to see the day-to-day tasks of a company. This can translate into helping with programming to assisting in sales. You as a work-study student are seen as an inquisitive and creative student who has a fresh perspective on the company. A working student has a lot of advantages: you work 1-2 days a week, you have huge growth opportunities within the company and there is a tremendous amount to learn. In addition, you are not judged for your mistakes because everyone understands that you still have much to learn. All these aspects make a working student a position that many students and organizations are looking for. Consequently, many companies are looking hard for a work-study student.

How does deBetaStudent help you find the right side job?

deBetaStudent can help you find work-study jobs because we are in direct contact with companies’ recruiters! This allows us to put you in direct contact with the right person within the company. As a result, we help you find the right side job without having to apply for a dozen different work-study positions.

We also try to offer a wide variety of work-study positions through our partners. We offer a variety of work-study jobs from companies you may not know about at first glance.

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How can deBetaStudent help?

The problem is often that  work-study jobs are in high demand and it is difficult to find a side job at a company you like. Within large companies, you will find that you face a lot of competition and many students apply for the same work-study position. In addition, it is difficult to find a work-study job opening at a smaller company. There is often little information about the work-study program and you don’t know what to expect. It is also difficult to find such companies at all. 

deBetaStudent tries to help you with this. We offer work-study positions within large and small organizations through our partners. So whether you are looking for a work-study in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or any other city: deBetaStudent will try to help you with this!

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