Tony’s Chocolonely Business Course Paris BCG

to 24-11-2023

You Drive. We’ll Navigate.

The BCG Tony’s Business Course Paris takes place on 19 to 24 November, 2023.
Find out what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a BCG consultant, while creating a real impact on some of
our clients’ business strategies. During this Tony’s Business Course, we will work on a real social impact
case together with Tony’s Chocolonely! 🍫

You will use your excellent quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills, you’ll develop a tailored strategy
that addresses your client’s main challenges. Best of all, you’ll be coached by some of our most
experienced consultants who can’t wait to help you develop both professionally and personally.

You also will have the opportunity to team up with other talented students and BCG colleagues from a
wide variety of backgrounds. The course runs from 19 to 24 November, 2023. Apply before September
If you have any questions, please contact