Have you recently graduated and are you looking for a traineeship? deBetaStudent offers several types of traineeship vacancies through our partners. You can think of a traineeship in IT or in the financial sector. So, are you looking for a traineeship after completing a technical study? Then we might have the right traineeship vacancy for you! You can find an overview of our traineeships at our vacancies!


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What does a traineeship look like?

A traineeship is a process in which learning is key. As a starter, you will be trained to become a specialist in the field with the goal that you can eventually hold a permanent position within the company. The duration of a traineeship can vary between a few months and even several years.

During the traineeship you will receive coaching and training to help you develop into a true professional. During this process you will work as a starter within the company and you will also be paid for it. A kind of ‘learning on the job’.

What is the difference between an internship and a traineeship?

With a normal internship, you will work as an intern to gain experience within a company. You do this during the final phase of your studies. You do a traineeship within 0-2 years after graduation and this is a real starter position. The purpose of a traineeship is also different from an internship. With a traineeship it is the intention that you will eventually occupy a full position within the company.

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What are the pros and cons of a traineeship?

As mentioned, in the period of the traineeship you will receive a lot of coaching and guidance, all while you are working as a starter. At the beginning of your career this is of course extremely valuable. As a trainee you will also be paid for your work. This is a salary that is usually a lot higher than for a internship.

A disadvantage of a traineeship is that it is often a very intensive process. A lot is expected to develop yourself optimally as a professional. The training and coaching besides your work can take up a lot of time and effort. This does not fit everyone.

In addition, as a trainee you are often tied to a contract for a longer period (0-3 years). A traineeship must therefore be carefully selected so that it really suits you. We can help with this!

How can deBetaStudent help?

The problem is often that a traineeship is very popular and that it is difficult to find a traineeship that really suits you. Within large companies you will find that you have to deal with a lot of competition and that many students apply for the same traineeship. In addition, it is difficult to find a traineeship at a smaller company. The traineeship is an intense process in which you will have to know in advance what is expected of you and what you will get in return. The position for which you are being trained must suit you well and the way of coaching and supervision must also match your way of learning. deBetaStudent tries to help you with this. Trough our partners, we offer traineeships at large and smaller companies. So, are you looking for a traineeship in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or another city: deBetaStudent can help you with this!